If you’re living with the pain of not knowing, T57 can help. Whether you’re partner is starting to wander off or is involved with a full blown affair, the truth is what you need. You may suspect something is going on and of course that can eat away at you every second of your day.

You don’t want to accuse and push your partner farther away from you, so what do you do? Unfortunately today, adultery finds it’s form in many different ways, from texting and emails, to even taking care of an entire other family. Either way, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later and on terms that you can deal with. The realization that your partner may be cheating on you is an obvious pain that seems too much to handle, yet not knowing the truth can truly make you feel insane and act out in ways that may push your partner away even more. Take the time to do your own research of course. The more information you have or “INTEL” can put you at ease or provide a professional investigator with the tools to figure your situation out fast.

Having this “INTEL” can also cut down your financial cost when dealing with a PI. The more information we have, the quicker we can make a stealthy plan to find the truth and cut down your cost as well. These can be from pics you’ve taken of texts or credit card statements for restaurants you’ve never been to together, etc. Trips to places that for some reason take hours now. During these times, for some reason, their phone doesn’t get texts and they can’t be reached. Perhaps they don’t leave their phone out in plain site anymore, not even to charge…there are so many small vital signs that can lead you to believe that your partner is cheating.

We all yearn to know the truth when these warning signs do occur. A professional PI who understands surveillance, proper investigative techniques, and truly how to deal with these delicate situations in a calm and collective manner can help you find the truth.

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