Mounted Division

As one of our most distinguished divisions, its primary mission is community service and overall public safety. The Mounted Division duties range from patrolling of parks, events, parking lots to crowd control. The officers assigned to this division have a much greater mobility and range of visibility than ground officers. All officers and horses receive approximately 8 weeks of classroom and field training. Training consists of classroom and practical skills instruction on the care and training of the horse and rider, stable management, and mounted tactics. P.O.S.T. instructors conduct training.

Our mounted unit is the most sophisticated and distinguished division. Our primary mission is community service and public relations.

Mounted officers may be employed for specialized duties ranging from patrol of parks, parking lots and communities. They continue to serve in remote areas and in metropolitan areas where their day-to-day function may be largely picturesque or ceremonial, but they are also employed in crowd control.

Mounted officers can see into buses, trucks and other elevated vehicles, which gives them greater ability to identify suspicious individuals or materials. A mounted officer is more easily seen and approachable by the public. A horse-mounted officer has much greater mobility and range of visibility than officers on the ground. A mounted officer can see 20 to 30 times further into a crowd.

Quick facts regarding our unit:

  • Our mounted team also provides crowd control
  • Our mounted team goes through extensive training
  • A mounted officer has better mobility than an officer in a patrol vehicle
  • Our horses go through the training with the officer.