Chad Nevarez

Vice President
Contact: 866-489-3055 Ext. 692

Mr. Nevarez is the Vice President for Temple 57. Chad is also a California State Certified Accident Investigator through the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department Academy along with being former law enforcement. Mr. Nevarez is also a certified K-9 bomb handler. He too has his CCW (California Concealed Weapons) permit, as well as Arizona & Utah CCW. Mr. Nevarez is a NRA (National Rifle Association) Instructor, and has attended countless weapons training schools, with the goal to provide updated skills to our Agents who carry weapons. As an investigation specialist and Executive Protection Agent as well, Chad understands what it takes to fulfill a Client’s needs as well as placing the correct team leads & Agents to deploy on any assignment. Please reach out to Mr. Nevarez for any possible new contracts or need for more information regarding services we provide.