Craig A. Kasper

Lead Agent | Southern California
Contact: 866.489.3055 Ext. 490

Craig A. Kasper is a Lead Agent with Temple 57 in Southern California. With over 12 years experience in the emergency services and executive protection forum, Craig is a welcomed addition to the Temple 57 team and will proudly service the mission of providing our clients with services that are second to none.

Prior to joining Temple 57, Mr. Kasper served in the emergency medical services field in communications and emergent/ non-emergent capacities including, coordination of field units, and response to calls for service. Craig rapidly excelled in his position and was solicited for above rank positioning (ARA), which further enhanced his skill set. Additionally, Craig utilized this positioning to further develop the training and experience of his peers.

In 2004, Craig accepted a position serving the Morongo Band of Mission Indians. As a member of the Department of Public Safety, serving through 2007, Craig distinguished himself as a well-respected officer and colleague.

In the earlier years of his career, Craig held private sector positions in both security and executive protection throughout Riverside and San Diego Counties. As a youth, Craig was accepted into the Police Explore Program with the San Jacinto Police Department. During his 3 years with the program, Craig earned a ranking position and his training involved a variety of stressful scenarios such as domestic violence training, criminal law, and combat related situational training.

Mr. Kasper currently holds a CA Guard Card, Exposed Weapons License, California, Utah, and Arizona CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) permit. Craig is also a nationally recognized certification in EMS, as well as additional certifications in Riverside and San Diego. Craig completed formal studies in the Administration of Justice at the Mt. San Jacinto Community College. Mr. Kasper’s expertise and professionalism at Temple 57 makes him an asset to the team and our Clients.