John J Mesa

President, P.I., PPS
Contact: 866-489-3055 Ext. 528

John J. Mesa is the President, P.I., & PPO holder for Temple 57. He and his former partner, retired LA Sheriff, Michael Kinney started the company back in 2012. Mr. Kinney has since retired. Now, at the direction of the President & Vice President, Chad Nevarez, Temple 57 has created a high level protection & investigation agency. Our team is primarily made of men and women that have either served in our nation’s military or police force. Our reasoning for this is two-fold.

1-We give back to our veterans and LE’s that are transitioning out of the the military or law enforcement, and need a team to call home.

2- These men and woman have skill sets with years of experience that are beyond beneficial to our clients, especially in today’s society, where the rise of hostile terminations and active shooters have become a daily discussion.

Temple 57 understands that our Clients require complete confidentiality in every investigation or armed protection detail.

“We are a company with integrity, that truly understands what it means to Protect & Serve!” ~JJM