Mark H.

Lead Agent | San Diego

Mark served 5 years active duty as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps. Mark’s service included an overseas deployment. He also served as a Marine Legal Officer, and conducted and assigned numerous JAG mishaps. He was promoted to Captain at the end of his active duty tour.

After the Marines, Mark became a Police Officer in a large metro Police Department. He graduated Police Academy Valedictorian and earned four other top awards. He was ATAC Officer of the Year in 1995. Mark was chosen from over 1,000 patrol officers to field-test a variety of laptop computers, as many police departments were transitioning from radios to MDT’s. Mark conducted detailed patrol investigations using new laptop software, resolved community issues by utilizing tactical action plans, and solved various community problems.

Mark also taught firearms training for over 3 years at one of the largest firearms schools in the US. He specialized in carbine rifle, and precision rifle training.

Mark is a weapons subject matter expert, including handgun, rifle, and precision rifle. Mark has written precision rifle data books, which are used by numerous elite military sniper platoons (USMC and Army), numerous law enforcement SWAT teams (including LA County SEB), US Pentagon Force Protection, US Department of State, NATO military units, and many Precision Rifle schools.

Mark has been involved in private protection as well as investigations since retiring from law enforcement. He maintains proficiency in firearms training, and holds a current 50 state Concealed Carry Permit. Mark has extensive experience in high-level threat executive protection, workplace violence issues, employee strikes, and high profile clients. His experience as a Marine Officer and Police Officer lends a unique view to the security field, both with the public as well as the Client. Mark is an asset to Temple 57, as well as the Clients he protects.