Robert W. Smith

Lead Agent | Southern California
Contact: 866.489.3055 Ext. 318

Robert W. Smith served 4 1/2 years in the United States Navy from 1992-1996 as a GSM2 in– Desert Storm, which included 2 deployments to the Gulf. Mr. Smith’s service included Engineering and IC Communication / Gas turbine systems Tech, as well as Surface Warfare, during which, he earned:

5 Medals (including Good Conduct Medal)

11 Ribbons (including Gold Battle E award)

3 Letters of Appreciation from Captains

2 Letters of excellence from the Fleet Commander

After serving in the US Navy, Robert went on to the private security sector where he was stationed at Never Land Ranch providing personal protection for Michael Jackson & Family, as well as Mr. Jackson’s stage security. Robert has protected many other high profile celebrities and public figures.

In 2000, Robert received his AA in water technology and as well as majored in History through correspondence in the Navy while enlisted. In 2010, while undercover for 4 months, Robert successfully solved a Federal investigation case along side Temple 57 President John J. Mesa recovering over $100K worth of stolen property. Robert also has CCW (California Concealed Weapons) permit, as well as his Arizona, and Utah CCW. Mr. Smith is a Lead Agent for Temple 57 and an asset to our company and any team & assignment he oversees.