Executive Protection is the act of enforcing security measures to guarantee the safety of individuals who may be prone to various types of risks such as terrorism, kidnapping or assault. Most people normally seek for this type of protection due to their employment or celebrity status, associations, wealth or even their geographical location that might be a great risk to their lives. Executive protection is not only limited to an individual; it covers the whole family or other people in your life depending on the risks involved.

There are some people who are always willing to take advantage of your status in the society to extort money from you illegally either through kidnapping your family member and other related crimes. In addition, if you are always involved in important business deals that make you travel to various international or local destinations, your family might become a great target for criminals willing to extort money from you. This is where the importance of executive protection comes in. T57’s security experts will accompany you and your entire family during your business tours just to ensure that you are safe.

This type of protection is also suitable for people who receive constant threats due to various reasons. Instead of living in fear, you just need to hire a protection specialist who will always guard you against any possible attack from your enemies. The good thing about this type of protection is the fact that you remain covered everywhere you go. Whether you are planning to have a good time with your family at the park or you are planning to go out shopping, you can always rely on our Temple 57 professionals to keep an eye on you.

At the company level, this type of protection can also be offered as training to the employees. They are trained on how to protect themselves when they are in danger, how to handle small arms, combat training, martial arts training and so on. This is very crucial for any company that seeks to secure its business territory from an expected attack. It is a way of preparing both the management and employees in case of an emergency that requires rapid response. The training offered to the employees comes in handy especially if their employers cannot always move around with their executive protection specialists.  When you find it necessary to hire an Executive Protection Specialist, you can count on Temple 57.

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